Tension arises in Naxalbari over Solid Waste Management Project

Naxalbari, 23rd May: The residents of Naxalbari Hudu Vitta area are facing immense difficulties due to the foul stench and unhygienic conditions resulting from inadequate solid waste management. The presence of mosquitoes and flies has compounded the problem, making daily life unbearable for the locals. Today, the villagers expressed their frustration by stopping a vehicle transporting the filthy garbage.

The situation has escalated since the garbage van’s entry into the area has made it increasingly challenging for residents to live there. Previously, the waste originated from Naxalbari itself, but now it is being brought in from Bagdogra and other outside areas. The accumulation of garbage has prompted a strong reaction from the local community, leading to a widespread atmosphere of tension.

Upon receiving news of the incident, the Naxalbari police swiftly arrived at the scene. Naxalbari Gram Panchayat Pradhan Jayanti Kiro and Deputy Pradhan Bishwajit Ghosh also reached the spot after being informed of the situation. The locals vented their frustrations by surrounding the Pradhan and Deputy Pradhan. However, after receiving assurances from the Pradhan, the protestors ceased their agitation.

Acknowledging the problem at hand, Pradhan assured the villagers that immediate action would be taken to address the issue. The Pradhan stated that the compost machine would be promptly operationalized to effectively manage and dispose of the waste, thereby resolving the ongoing sanitation concerns.

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