Teesta Canal Bridge on Sahudangi-Ambari SH to undergo reconstruction, public commute obstructed

Rajganj, 03rd April: The Teesta Canal Bridge linking Sahudangi and Ambari along the state highway has been closed for reconstruction. However, the reconstruction of the bridge would require about 2 years causing inconvenience to the locals.

According to reports, the work to reconstruct the bridge has been undertaken by the Public Works Department (PWD) at a budget of Rs 18 crores due to its deteriorated condition. As a result, traffic movement on the bridge was halted by the administration starting from April 1 followed by a notice board from the public works department informing the civilians about the closure. Meanwhile, the residents of the area expressed concerns over the inconvenience caused due to the closure.

In this regard, the locals expressed their concerns emphasizing on the duration required for the construction work. Reportedly, the schools and markets are located within a 2 km radius of the bridge. Due to the reconstruction, students and commuters are now required to take detours of several kilometres to reach their destinations. Additionally, the bridge serves as a crucial route for travellers going from Belakoba Ambari to Siliguri and other areas, leading to longer travel times through alternative routes such as Nawapara.

In view of the concern, local residents emphasized the need for an alternative bridge earlier to prevent the issues on transportation. The residents further acknowledged the advantage of the new bridge despite the extended period of time required for the construction.

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