Tea seller attempts to commit suicide by self-immolation at NJP station

Siliguri, 31st August: A tea vendor tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire in Siliguri’s NJP station. Local drivers identified the man as Raju.

The man reportedly poured kerosene on him and tried self-immolation in front of the station entrance at around 9:30 am this morning.

On seeing the horrific sight, the passengers and driver nearby rushed to rescue Raju. One of the drivers successfully extinguished the fire with the help of a tarpaulin. After this, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) called for an ambulance and Raju was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Meanwhile, the reason behind Raju’s action is not yet known. According to the local drivers, Raju stays at the NJP station and sells tea. They speculated that he might have been struggling with financial difficulties as his business had significantly dropped due to the lockdown. A police investigation has been launched into the matter.

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