Taxes to be implied on tourists travelling across Indo-Bhutan border

Jaigaon, 01st November: From now on if Indian nationals want to go to Bhutan, they will have to pay a tax of Rs 10 per person. The said rule is implemented by the Government of Bhutan and is named “User Fee” and will be levied per head traveller. 

Reportedly, travelling from Jaigaon to Phuentsholing and Phuentsholing to Jaigaon, everyone will have to pay a tax of Rs 10 every time they travel. Common people can pay the tax in cash or through mobile applications. The rule applies not only to Indian citizens but also to Bhutanese citizens. 

Apart from tourists, thousands of people, traders and businesspeople, and workers go to Bhutan from India and India to Bhutan in connection with work. For many people, this cycle goes on continuously. Such situations can make it difficult to pay taxes again and again. Especially for the daily wage labourers who travel to and fro across the border for work. Due to this, people have expressed their anguish. 

Rakesh Pandey, editor of Kalchini Block Chambers and Commerce, said that the tax of Rs 10 is a very small amount but some people who travel daily or frequently will face problems, especially the daily wage earner.

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