Suman Thapa's body recovered from debris 4 days after landslide in Darjeeling's SDO Bungalow

Darjeeling, 23rd October: After four long days of the search rescue operation, the NDRF team today recovered the body of Suman Thapa. The 59-year-old was buried under the debris of a major landslide that occurred at Darjeeling SDO Bungalow on October 19 after a heavy downpour lashed the town.

According to the information, Suman Thapa, a resident of Shiva Gaon of Rangli Rangliat, worked as a night watchman at the bungalow and was on duty at the time of the mishap. Soon after the matter came to light, the NDRF, Civil Defense Volunteer, Civil Volunteer, Darjeeling Police and the Fire department jumped into action. However, due to the massive landslip, the team was not being able to locate him.

On the evening of the third day, the team spotted Thapa's hand. However, the body could not be immediately recovered as the retaining wall had fallen on top of it. Unable to continue the operation at night, the team planned to take out Thapa's body the next morning. This decision did not sit well with the locals of Suman Thapa's village. They opposed the decision to suspend work and demanded the body to be pulled out immediately.

While the matter was brought under control, Suman Thapa's body was handed over to his family members by the administration today morning.

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