SUCI stages rally over five-point demand in Siliguri

Siliguri, 06th March: On Wednesday, the SUCI (Socialist Unity Centre of India) staged a demonstration in support of five-point demands over several issues. Significantly, a rally, led by the SUCI of the Darjeeling District Committee, commenced from Siliguri’s Baghajatin Park, drawing participation from SUCI members with festoons and placards.

Reportedly, the demonstrators called out the opposition against several issues, primarily the proposed cancellation of the national education policy, reduction in electricity bills, the implementation of Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers, and urging measures to combat violence against women. These grievances were underscored as emblematic of wider concerns regarding corruption at both state and central levels.

Subsequently, the rally culminated at the Siliguri District Magistrate’s office, where protesters engaged in further demonstrations and submitted a memorandum outlining their demands. In this regard, Darjeeling District Secretary of SUCI (Communist) Gautam Bhattacharya cautioned a massive agitation in the future if their demands were not met.

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