SUCI demonstrated alleging Municipal Corporation of failure to stop dengue spread in Siliguri

Siliguri, 21st September: SUCI Darjeeling District Committee demonstrated in front of the Municipal Corporation today and raised allegations against the SMC and the state government for failure in preventing dengue spread. Dengue cases are increasing day by day in the city. Questions are being raised about the role and efforts of the Municipal Corporation in curbing the spread of the disease. They have also submitted a memorandum to the Siliguri Municipal Corporation officials on several demands.

Tanmay Dutta, a member of the SUCI Darjeeling District Committee, said that death due to dengue is being reported in the city one after the other. He alleged that the officials of the state government and SMC are busy with the festivals regardless of this. He further alleged that every house in the Wards No. 05 and 22 in are suffering from fever. He further demanded immediate blood tests, free treatment and all measures to kill mosquitoes.

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