Substantial increase in NBSTC’s revenue from Rs 9 crores to Rs 16 crores, CNG bus service to commence soon

Siliguri, 09th January: The revenue of NBSTC has increased substantially. in which the revenue has grown from Rs 09 crores to Rs 16 crores. Since 2011, the revenues of NBSTC have been increasing continuously. Earlier, there was an income of Rs 15 crore 76 lakhs, but in December last year, the earnings of NBSTC crossed over Rs 16 crore. 

The 232nd Board Meeting of NBSTC was held at Circuit House today. Addressing the meeting, Partha Pratim Roy, Chairman of the North Bengal National Transport Association said that the state government is taking a new step to curb pollution. NBSTC CNG buses will soon run in the state. The outline has been prepared for this. 

In the first phase, 20 CNG buses will be plied on the road. For this, Rs 06 crore has been allocated by the state government. To run CNG buses in the state, gas sub-centres will be set up at NBSTC bus depots at seven places in the state. At the same time, the chairman told that the bus service running from Siliguri to Nepal is doing very well. Given this, NBSTC is also preparing a plan to run a train between Fulbari to Bangladesh. Along with this, in collaboration with the tourism department, it is also considering running some buses to take the tourists.

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