Student Society of Siliguri spreads awareness regarding covid protocols

Siliguri, 13 January: The graph of coronavirus cases in the state is increasing daily. Given the situation, many strict restrictions have already been announced and imposed in the state. Furthermore, authorities are campaigning and arresting people walking in public without mask. While, many social organizations are making a constant effort in spreading awareness about the proper use of masks and sanitizers.

Student Society of Siliguri conducted a campaign in Bidhan Market and spread awareness to use masks and sanitizers. They applauded and put garlands around the neck of people who were spotted roaming in public area without masks.

“In the past few weeks, numerous amount of covid cases have been reported in Siliguri. We have seen dreadful scenarios of covid in the past and we do not want such situations to arise again. Hence, we are spreading awareness regarding masks and sanitisers amongst the people,” the members of Student Society of Siliguri stated.

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