Stir turned into a hysterical episode of laughter in Siliguri after the discovery of skeleton

Siliguri, 06th September: Sensation arose in the area of Nichpara under Ward No. 20 of Siliguri when the locals spotted a skeleton in the Fuleswari River this morning. Shortly after, the news of the incident spread like wildfire and a crowd of people gathered in the area. The reality behind the skeleton’s appearance is comical.

The councilor and the police were informed of the incident. On receiving the news, Ward Councillor Abhaya Basu reached the spot, and the Siliguri Police also reached there. After this, the skeleton was recovered from the river. But as soon as the skeleton was recovered, then the stir in the area quickly changed into a chortle and everyone started laughing all around. The said skeleton was made of plastic, which might have been thrown away by somebody. These plastic skeletons are mostly used in plays or in labs. Later the plastic skeleton was taken from the ward.

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