Special meeting on the conservation of elephants organized in Siliguri 

Siliguri, 15th January: Animal Welfare Organization Solitary Nature and Animal Protection Foundation (SNAP) is all set to start a big campaign or a movement to prevent the death of elephants and save them. Several elephants’ death can lead to the disruption of the balance of our ecosystem which can cause harm in the long run. 


At the same time, Voice for Asian Elephant Society has supported the said movement. Today, a meeting was organized in the Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad hall regarding the conservation of elephants. During this, Sangeeta Iyer, Executive Director of Voice for Asian Elephant Society highlighted the need for conserving the elephants.


During this, Wildlife Researcher Aritra Kshettry, Executive Director of SNAP Foundation Kaustav Chowdhary along with others were present. Sangeeta Iyer, from California, told that the government in India is working for the development of the people but not thinking about elephants and animals. Stating this, she explained how humans are co-dependent on animals for survival. She further added that in collaboration with the state and the central government, they are taking several measures to save elephants. 


At the same time, apart from creating awareness in the mass, several programs are also being organized. On the other hand, Executive Director Kaustav Chowdhary said that often the general public has been warned several times. Despite this, attacks on elephants continue. He said that the Forest Department is continuously working to save the elephants. But due to a lack of equipment and technology, the forest departments are unable to take necessary measures for the protection of elephants. Applications have been sent to various departments regarding the same. Despite that, the problem persists which has thus led to a big movement to be commenced on the same in the coming days.

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