SOG arrests kingpin of ‘Pushpa’ gang from Malda

Siliguri, 14th October: The kingpin of a gang, who had been running a drug trade from Malda to Siliguri, has finally gotten into the grips of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police. For the first time, the face of the mastermind who was running the illegal racket behind curtains has surfaced. Kingpin Jagdish Mandal, who runs a narcotics business from Malda, has been arrested by the Special Operation Group (SOG) and was brought to Siliguri. Today the accused has been produced in Siliguri court. 

As per the report, the accused Jagdish Mandal sells fruits on a cart in Malda. However, under the guise of this fruit business, he would smuggle brown sugar.

It is to be noted that on October 9, the police of SOG and Matigara police station conducted a campaign and exposed the Pushpa’s gang running a drug-run business in a residence located in Sadhna More of Matigara. During this Pushpa Mandal and her husband, Raju Mandal, and her son Dimkar Mandal were arrested. At the same time, Aarti Devi, Mandal, and Vinod Prasad, who arrived from Malda to deliver the drug consignment to Pushpa, were also arrested at the scene. All the seven accused were taken on 7 days remand. During separate interrogations of the seven, the names of the other member Jagdish Mandal came to light. The accused told the police that Jagdish Mandal used to send drugs from Malda to them. They used to run a network of the drug trade in Siliguri.

On the basis of this, SOG finally apprehended Jagdish Mandal after a lot of effort and hard work by running a campaign in Malda on Wednesday. Today, the accused Jagdish Mandal has been produced in Siliguri court by the SOG and Matigara police station and requested remand from the judge.

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