SOG and Pradhan Nagar cops bust sex racket illegally operating in Siliguri’s Blue Mountain Hotel, 4 arrested, 1 woman rescued

Siliguri, 25th May: In a major operation conducted by the Special Operation Group (SOG) of Siliguri Metropolitan Police and undercover police personnel from the Pradhan Nagar police station, a prostitution ring operating at the Blue Mountain Hotel in Dagapur has been exposed. The hotel is alleged to have been involved in facilitating the services of girls to customers from out-of-state, disguising the illicit activities under the pretext of parties.

Last night, as part of the ongoing investigation, the undercover officers arranged for a vibrant evening for three individuals from Bihar who had arrived at the hotel. The establishment provided a comprehensive array of liquor and refreshments. However, the joint operation by the SOG and Pradhan Nagar police successfully exposed the illegal activities. Four individuals involved in the operation have been apprehended, and a female victim has been rescued from the premises.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Raju Sarkar (38) from Jhankar More, Siliguri, and Vinit Goutam (31), Abhishek Goutam (22), and Iqbal Ahmed Hasmi (46) who are residents of Bihar. According to police sources, Vinit Goutam, Abhishek Goutam, and Iqbal Ahmed Hashmi arrived at the Blue Mountain Hotel on Wednesday night. The hotel staff, particularly Raju Sarkar, reportedly made arrangements for their stay and facilitated the provision of liquor and refreshments in exchange for a substantial amount of money.

The police have filed a case against the four accused and presented them before the Siliguri court, where they have requested custody for further investigation. The role of Blue Mountain Hotel in this prostitution business is currently being probed by the SOG. Additionally, the police intend to conduct further inquiries by interrogating Raju Sarkar and the three customers in custody. The investigation aims to unravel the full extent of the operation and hold all those involved accountable for their actions.

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