SMC to install an underground power supply in Siliguri

Siliguri, 19th July: Siliguri Municipal Corporation has launched a new initiative aimed at preventing accidents in the city. The initiative involves the installation of underground electricity services, which is set to commence shortly in Siliguri. This important development was announced by Mayor Goutam Deb of Siliguri Municipal Corporation following a virtual meeting with the West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) on Wednesday.

Ever since the establishment of the present Siliguri Municipal Corporation Board, Mayor Goutam Deb has been proactive in taking various measures to enhance the city’s beauty and safety by averting accidents. One of his notable initiatives includes the idea of relocating power cables from prominent roads and submerging them underground. To execute this plan successfully, he has held multiple discussions with the Power Department. In continuation of these efforts, Mayor Goutam Deb recently conducted yet another virtual meeting with the aforementioned department.

After the productive meeting, the Mayor conveyed that the residents of Siliguri have been facing numerous issues due to the overhead electric wires, leading to traffic complications. To address this matter, the plan entails removing the overhead power cables from several key areas in the 16 wards of the city, including Hill Cart Road, Sevoke Road, and Bidhan Road. These cables will be placed underground, thereby facilitating smoother electricity distribution, enhancing the city’s aesthetics, and alleviating traffic concerns to a considerable extent.

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