SMC tears down unauthorized construction on space allocated for parking in Siliguri’s Ward No. 45

Siliguri, 24th November: The Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) has been strictly dealing with the issue of land encroachment within the city. In a recent development, the SMC initiated an anti-encroachment operation and demolished an unauthorized edifice located in ward number 45 under SMC.

According to reports, the accused promoter had illegally converted the parking lot into a commercial infrastructure and rented out the space in a multi-storey structure situated in Ward No. 45. Subsequently, the SMC received a complaint and undertook immediate action. The municipal corporation arrived with bulldozers to tear down the illegitimate construction followed by proper investigation.

In this regard, SMC assistant engineer, Brijit Aich, stated that the building’s promoter had approved the parking lot layout. However, the parking lot was encroached upon and unlawfully transformed into a store.

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