SMC elections should be supervised by Central forces: Anandamay Barman

Siliguri, 05th January: The BJP has demanded the deployment of central forces for peaceful conduction of Siliguri Municipal Corporation elections.

Addressing the media at the Mallaguri BJP party office today, Anandamay Barman, chairman of BJP's Siliguri organizational district committee, made the demand. He said that the manner in which the state government has used its power in the Kolkata Corporation elections to spread unrest and loot the votes, such a situation should not happen in Siliguri Municipal Corporation elections. Hence, he demanded the deployment of central forces.

He said that apart from this, a partial lockdown is going on in the state. Guidelines have also been given regarding election campaigns. But the Trinamool Congress is ignoring this and campaigning.

On the other hand, Shankar Ghosh appealed to the people to select young candidates to create a better city. He said that future leaders should be given a chance so that the all-round development of the city can take place.

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