SMC demolished unauthorized construction in Siliguri’s Ward No. 36

Siliguri, 14th March: In yet another campaign against unauthorized construction, the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) demolished an illegal construction located in Ward No. 36 of Siliguri.

According to reports, a multi-storeyed building was being illegally constructed in the area adjacent to the pipeline of Siliguri’s Ward No. 36. In addition, a play-school was also established in the building. The plan permitted the house owner to construct only two floors; however he constructed the fourth floor illegally. Despite repeated notices sent by the SMC, the owner of the house did not take a move which prompted the SMC to bring down the unauthorized construction in the presence of police administration on Thursday.

It has to be noted that the upper part of the multi-storeyed building had already been demolished, however, the owner continued the construction work for which the the illegal construction was completely demolished. During the demolition drive, a large police force were stationed to avoid any untoward situation.

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