SMC demolished illegally constructed edifice on court orders in Surya Sen Colony

Siliguri, 02nd November: The Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) has demolished the unauthorized structures on court orders. The action was taken after a man named Khokan Choudhury, a resident of Surya Sen Colony Block A complained about illegal construction in SMC against his neighbor Aarti Dey.

According to reports, Khokan upheld allegations against Aarti Dey for illegal construction behind her residence for several years. Following this, Aarti was notified thrice regarding the matter by the SMC. However, she did not take any action despite the warning. Upon receiving the complaint, the court-mandated the building’s demolition. Subsequently, on Thursday, SMC forwarded the order of demolition.

In this regard, the complainant’s relative Shekhar Choudhury termed the court’s decision and SMC’s initiative as remarkable. Meanwhile, Aarti Dey revealed a past dispute where she had objected to his use of a noisy ice-breaking machine that caused a lot of vibration in the neighborhood. The incident prompted him to file a complaint with the SMC in retribution.

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