SMC Councillor Nantu Pal distributes dustbins to the citizens

Siliguri, 12th February: The Councillor of the Ward No. 12 of Siliguri Municipal Corporation, Nantu Pal, has been portraying a vital role regarding cleanliness. Pal distributed two types of dustbins – green and blue, among the residents of the ward, today morning, to throw away the garbage.

The Councillor informed that leftover foods, vegetable wastes should be thrown in the green dustbin while substances like plastic, bottles, and polystyrenes should be thrown in the blue dustbin.

Pal further stated that the campaign was being carried out to keep the Ward No. 12 clean. He also stated that the dustbin is currently being distributed at the residence of the people, but soon the dustbins will be distributed in the shops as well.

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