Siliguri’s Ward No. 45 Trinamool Congress candidate Bedobrata Dutta releases his manifesto

Siliguri, 2nd February: Ward No. 45 Trinamool Congress candidate Bedobrata Dutta released his manifesto for the upcoming SMC elections, on Wednesday. The Trinamool Congress candidate asserted that he is receiving an ample amount of support from the ward residents. He stated that he will initiate to set up two councillor offices for the Baghajatin Colony and Durgaguri area.

He further added that the land deeds will be provided to the families at the earliest. The improvement of water facility, drainage system, development of the educational institution, park for children, a counselling centre for unemployed youths of the ward, a metric road for the entire ward, and many other initiatives have been included in the manifesto.

Along with this, he added that arrangements of free books for the students of 9th and secondary students will be made, CCTV cameras will be installed in the entire ward, anti-social activities will be strictly restricted and health services will be strengthened. Dutta claimed that 60% of his manifesto will be accomplished within a year and the remaining will be accomplished within two years.

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