Siliguri's Ward No. 42 locals and BJP activists came out in protest against the dilapidated Post Office Road in Salugara

Siliguri, 03rd August: Locals are upset over the dilapidated Post Office Road of Ward No. 42 in Salugara. Accidents have become prone because the conditions on the road are worsening. People alleged that the situation gets worst during rainy season. Disturbed by this, today along with the locals of the area, a protest was organized by the BJP Mandal Committee No. 08.

Reportedly, the condition of Salugara’s post office road has been lying in such condition for a long period of time. It has become a tedious task for the locals to commute by the road. Adding to the woes, ambulance also takes a lot of effort to commute on this route making it difficult for the patients and also elderly patients.

The locals alleged that they protested several times demanding a proper repairment but due to a lack of initiative by the administration and authorities, the conditions have remained the same and every time only worsening. Furthemore, the locals accused political parties and associations of making numerous promises during the time of elections, only to be forgotten after the election ends.

The protesters added that for the demand of repairing, many times, memorandums have also been submitted to all the public representatives including the Siliguri Municipal Corporation Board, local ward councilor, and MLA. Despite reaching out to the administration the roads have not been repaired yet.

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