Siliguri’s Priyanka Majumdar setting example with humanitarian work towards stray dogs in the cold season

Siliguri, 06th January:  The cold has started wreaking havoc in the city as the temperature gradually drops every day. With the advancement towards January, the people of Siliguri rarely get to enjoy the sun’s warmth. In this season of spine-chilling weather, where people cannot even think of stepping out without a jacket or muffler, on the other hand, innocent animals face a lot of peril. Significantly, the stray dogs with no place to stay and no food to eat. Often many stray dogs even lose their lives due to the harsh weather. 

Showing love for humanity and Siliguri’s animal lover Priyanka Majumdar has come forward to help stray dogs. Priyanka Mazumdar is a resident of Babu Para under Ward No. 33 of Siliguri Municipal Corporation. Today Priyanka Majumdar provided jackets to about 30 stray dogs from different areas including Dabgram, Rabindranagar, Laketown, and Babupara. 

The said initiative has been taken to save stray dogs from the cold. In this regard, animal lover Priyanka Majumdar said that innocent beings face a lot of risk during cold nights. She further requested not to drive away stray dogs or pour water on them in the harsh winter. Apart from this, she also talked about allowing stray dogs to eat according to their capacity.

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