Siliguri’s MMIC Shobha Subba narrowly escapes road accident unhurt

Siliguri, 13th September: In yet another alarming incident highlighting the issue of trucks recklessly traversing the city, Siliguri Municipal Corporation Member and Mayor In Council, Shobha Subba, narrowly evaded a potentially life-threatening collision with a truck.

According to reports, Councilor of Ward No. 42, Shobha Subba, was on her routine inspection of the said ward on a motorcycle when the bike was unexpectedly struck by a truck coming from the opposite direction on Sevoke Road. In a remarkable display of quick thinking and agility, Shobha Subba managed to jump off the bike just moments before the collision occurred. Although she sustained a head injury during the incident, she narrowly escaped a more severe outcome.

Following the accident, Shobha Subba was promptly transported to a nursing home situated on Sevoke Road, where she underwent a series of medical tests. Fortunately, the doctors conveyed that there is no cause for major concern regarding her health.

Upon learning of the incident, Municipal Corporation Chairman Pratul Chakraborty, Mayor In Council Sikta Dey Basu Roy, and other councilors visited her at her residence to extend their support. Mayor Goutam Deb also reached out to inquire about her well-being, underscoring the seriousness of the situation and the need to address the issue of reckless truck movement within the city.

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