Siliguri’s Mayor Goutam Deb inspects the streets ahead of Durga Puja Carnival

Siliguri, 18th September: Durga Puja Carnival is going to be held in Siliguri on 7th October. In view of this, on Sunday, Mayor Goutam Deb along with the city’s police officers took stock of different areas including Hashmi Chowk, Sevoke More, Airview More, and Mahananda Lal Mohan Moulik Niranjan Ghat.

Durga Puja Carnival will be organized in Siliguri on 7th October, in which about 30 old and historical clubs will take part. A grand procession will be taken out from Bidhan Road during the carnival which will conclude at Mahananda Lal Mohan Moulik Niranjan Ghat through Hillcart Road, Sevoke More, and Airview More. The procession will have an idol on one side and on the other hand, the carnival will showcase Bengal’s rich culture and heritage.

Several artists are set to perform in a variety of programs in the said carnival. People can watch this carnival from one side of the road on Hillcart Road.

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