Siliguri’s Hridoy creates UV sanitizing tunnel at home

Siliguri, 29th August: To everyone’s surprise, a 12-year-old teenager Hridoy Goel designed a UV sanitizing tunnel at home.

In this context, the eighth-grade science student stated that that liquid sanitizers are harmful to the human skin, but UV rays can easily kill germs. Upon learning about a type of UV ray that was discovered by the Columbia University, he started working on the construction of a tunnel and successfully designed it within 10-12 days.

The UV rays present inside the tunnel will help people disinfect themselves.

Besides, Hridoy also invented various sanitizing machines to help disinfect vegetables and cash. At present, such machines are available at affordable prices in the market.

The teenager’s family highly praised the initiative taken by their son and is extremely proud of him.

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