Siliguri’s CPI demand cancellation of GST in a unique manner at Hashmi Chowk

Siliguri, 19th July: The government has imposed GST on several goods and services starting from July 18. The food items mainly include pre-packaged and labelled and unbranded food items ranging from items like flour, rice and all cereals including wheat.  

Impose of tax on food items has put the general public in quandary. Therefore, CPI staged a unique demonstration by banging steel plates for one minute at Hashmi Chowk in Siliguri demanding to repeal the GST imposed on food items. 

Today the members of the organization expressed their anguish against the state and central government. Speaking on the matter, the organization’s secretary Animesh Banerjee stated that neither CM Mamata Banerjee nor Prime Minister Narendra Modi is speaking on the matter despite sharing a good relationship. He further stated that they will continue protesting in demand for the cancellation of GST.

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