Siliguri woman with 4-month old baby wanders around the streets in search of work

Siliguri, 30th August: After being kicked out of the house by her husband a month ago, Sonali Roy, along with her 4-month-old baby, has been wandering around the streets searching for work.

It is to be noted that Sonali married Shailen Roy, a resident of Sahudangi, around 4 years ago. She alleged that tension over several issues had been hovering over the couple since their marriage. Earlier too, she was thrown out of the house by her husband.

Although she returned home every time, she decided not to return back anymore. She wants to struggle and raise her child on her own.

Reportedly, she was spotted in the College para area today searching for work. After being noticed by some locals, the matter was reported to the police station.

The Police reached the spot shortly after and took the woman to the police station.

4 thoughts on “Siliguri woman with 4-month old baby wanders around the streets in search of work

  1. Roshan chhetri says:

    We should call her husband and ask him the reason for it, prior to that some steps should be taken how to make her comfortable.. Now the biggest issue is surviving so if any one of u reading this one please ensure tht if u have anu contact where someone can give her household work and a staying place, tht will be more then wht she need now. As social help is all wht she need now

  2. Paridhi Mishra says:

    Its not really necessary or you can say that punishment is everything that can change that man completely different he has been doing such nuisance after punishment he can do this things again with any other women ..
    This happens because

    since past decades , at home girls are being taught not come home late night , not to argue, don’t do this.. that ..etc etc …
    This same is not being taught to the boys why ?
    This is all about parents self indulgence..
    There are many NGO’s that can help that women or she can work with the NGO s and can earn her living ..
    And I’m sending lot of blessings to the 4years old child from my deep core heart
    And I’m damn sure that ..the baby will sure show happy morning s everyone .

    Love form us plz Support her n her baby

  3. AK Chothe says:

    File a case against the man on domestic violence on the lady and on 4 months old baby. Let the law take its own course. Meanwhile, send her to her mother’s place if possible. There is a department in government called CWC, they will do everything. Just inform to them.

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