Siliguri Water Supply Department resolved water wastage problem by repairing pipes in Fulbari

Rajganj, 16th December: The Siliguri Water Supply Department resolved the problem of water wastage by repairing pipes in Fulbari, on Thursday.

The water of the Teesta Irrigation Project is extracted from Fulbari, purified, and then supplied to Siliguri. But at the Fulbari bypass, there was a leakage in the pipeline which resulted in wastage of water for the past several years. The water supply was cut off for a while today and the pipes were repaired.

A local named Mithun Sarkar said that for a long time, water was being wasted due to the rupture of PHE pipes in Fulbari Murdermore area. The pipe has been repaired and wastage of water will be prevented from now on.

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