Siliguri Police swiftly retrieve lost bag and hand it over to the rightful owner

Siliguri, 10th March: The Siliguri police, with the help of the Auto Drivers’ Union, successfully recovered a lost bag within 12 hours and handed it over to its rightful owner.

According to reports, Madhu Mandal and his wife Sheila, residents of Matigara, inadvertently left their bag behind in the auto-rickshaw upon arriving at Venus More (Hashmi Chowk). Upon realizing that their bag was missing, Madhu and Sheila diligently searched for the auto but to no avail. Subsequently, the matter was reported at the Siliguri police station.

Following this, the police swiftly reached out to the auto drivers’ union for cooperation. In a commendable display of community support, union members collaborated with law enforcement to locate the lost bag. The bag was then recovered and returned to Madhu and his wife. Meanwhile, the couple expressed profound relief and gratitude upon retrieving their belongings.

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