Siliguri police handover 38 stolen and snatched mobile handsets to their rightful owners

Siliguri, 28th February: The Siliguri Metropolitan Police has recovered 38 lost cell phones and handed them over to their rightful owners following proper verification. Notably, the handset owners were elated over recovering their lost handsets and acknowledged the work of the Siliguri police in this regard.

According to reports, several people in Siliguri have encountered mobile theft and snatching in the last few days. During this, the cellphones of two residents from Malda and Murshidabad were also stolen during their visit to Siliguri. Subsequently, the Siliguri police station received a complaint regarding the lost handsets and initiated an investigation into the entire incident.

Following this, the police then retrieved the lost handsets of the complainants of Malda and Murshidabad, as well as several city dwellers. On Wednesday, the Siliguri police handed over 38 recovered cell phones to their owners. The handset owners were elated to recover their cell phones. In this regard, ACP Tridip Sarkar of Siliguri Metropolitan Police stated that the Siliguri police station has retrieved 38 cell phones and handed them over to their rightful owners.

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