Siliguri police detained BJP activists along with MLA Shankar Ghosh at Hashmi Chowk

Siliguri, 11th December: The members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) including Siliguri MLA Shankar Ghosh were detained by the officials of the Siliguri Police Station, after calling for a protest.

It has to be noted that, CM Mamata Banerjee is scheduled to address a program in Siliguri’s Kanchenjunga Stadium on Tuesday. In response, BJP MLA Shankar Ghosh expressed his objection regarding conducting the event on a playground.

Reportedly, in alignment with the objection, on Monday, the MLA along with other BJP members called for a sit-in protest at the Hashmi Chowk (Venus More) area of Siliguri. Meanwhile, a large contingent of police was stationed near Hashmi Chowk, since the morning.

Later in the afternoon, BJP leaders and members accompanied by the MLA arrived at Hashmi Chowk amid a heavy police presence, when the MLA was waved down and taken to the Siliguri police station. Other BJP officials and workers were also detained. Upon receiving the news of the MLA’s arrest, BJP leaders and workers gathered outside the police station.

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