Siliguri Municipal Corporation to beautify and renovate the city ahead of Durga Puja

Siliguri, 05th September: Siliguri Municipal Corporation has taken the initiative to repair and renovate the roads of Siliguri ahead of Durga Puja. In regard to this, this afternoon, Mayor Goutam Deb held a meeting with Borough Chairperson Milli Sinha and all the councillors under Borough No. 03 in Siliguri Municipal Corporation’s No. 3 Borough Office. Goutam Deb said that special emphasis is being laid on the beautification of the city before Durga Puja.

Special attention is being given mainly to the speedy repair of lights and dilapidated roads in the city. Therefore, after the meeting, the Corporation will look into the areas that need to be catered to repair urgently. At present, Mayor Goutam Deb has held meetings with 4 out of 5 boroughs.

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