Siliguri Municipal Corporation takes initiative to control number of stray dogs

Siliguri, 30th January: Siliguri Municipal Corporation has taken initiative to control the number of stray dogs in the city. Sterilization was done with the help of animal welfare organizations. However, the number of stray dogs is on a constant rise in the city, due to which the city residents have to face trouble at various times. 

Thus, in this regard, the SMC has taken the initiative to sterilize stray dogs. Sterilization work started today at the Municipal Corporation’s Shelter Home near Dagapur and Siliguri Dumping Ground. Today, Mayor Goutam Deb and Deputy Ranjan Sarkar reached the said place to check the progress of the work. In this regard, Goutam Deb said that to control the number of dogs, not only sterilization but the cooperation of the people is also needed. He appealed to the common people to help.

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