Siliguri Municipal Corporation takes action against the growing encroachments in Siliguri

Siliguri, 01st March: Concerns of encroachment in Siliguri city have been increasing of occupying footpaths and roads. Businesses have cramped up public places and roadside. The Siliguri Municipal Corporation is concerned to make the city encroachment free. 


People can see how shops and hotels have occupied space on Sevoke Road. Although, after several campaigns, the footpaths and roads have been made encroachment free, again the businesses and trades are being run continuously. Several shops and hotels have been built on Sevoke Road by occupying drains. 


Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar took stock of Sevoke Road today. He talked about the removal of shops and hotels encroaching on the roads and footpaths there. The Deputy-Mayor also expressed his displeasure with the meals being cooked near the roadside and the contents of the garage being kept on the street. He further added that restrooms are being built on Sevoke Road. Along with this, encroachments are also being removed from the footpaths and roads of the city.

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