Siliguri Metropolitan Police take initiatives to strengthen security inside the city

Siliguri, 26th December: To strengthen security in the city, Siliguri Metropolitan Police has taken initiatives to install around 400 CCTV cameras across the city in three phases.

Commissioner Gaurav Sharma held a press conference in this regard at the Police Commissionerate, on Sunday. He said that around 400 CCTV cameras will be installed in different police station areas, main roads as well as lanes of the city. Initially, these CCTV cameras will be monitored from the police station itself. Later monitoring will be done from the control room. In the first phase, around 100 cameras will be installed. In the next two phases, the rest of the cameras will be installed. The cameras include night vision cameras which will help police keep an eye on different areas even at night. This will help reduce burglary incidents and the law and order situation will be maintained properly.

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