Siliguri Metropolitan Police determined to wipe down crime rate by increasing security

Siliguri, 04th August: There is an increase in the number of theft and dacoit cases every day in Siliguri. The CCTV cameras are the police’s third eye to keep a check on such crimes. Siliguri Metropolitan Police has installed 88 more CCTV cameras in Siliguri to nab the criminals.


On the 11th foundation day of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police, Police Commissioner Gaurav Sharma inaugurated CCTV cameras today. Earlier, hundreds of CCTV cameras were installed in the city. The police have investigated many crimes with the help of the footage of the CCTV cameras installed in the city. Criminals were also brought to justice by catching them in the action of their crimes.

In this regard, the Commissioner of Police Gaurav Sharma said that new cameras have been installed from Bagdogra to Uttar Kanya. Modern technological cameras including bullet cameras have been installed in the city. The new cameras will also monitor vehicles at traffic points as well as vehicles on roads.

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