Siliguri markets flood with organic Holi colors made from marigold flowers and wood-apple leaves

Siliguri, 05th March: The Non-Timber Forest Produce Division of the forest department introduced the organic ‘gulaal’ made in the markets of Siliguri for the upcoming festival of Holi. Significantly, the colors are made of marigold flowers and wood-apple leaves.

It is to be addressed that many individuals experience allergies while using commercially sold Holi colors during the festival. Consequently, many refrain from using ‘abir’ during the festival. However, this year, people can indulge in Holi celebrations with herbal ‘gulaal’ crafted by the forest department. Notably, the Non-Timber Forest Produce Division of the Forest Department produces organic colors made of marigold flowers, wood-apple leaves, and ‘multani mitti’ every year. Similarly, this year, the organic ‘gulaal’ has been prepared in Bagdogra’s Typoo.

Priced at Rs 90 for a 500-gram packet and Rs 50 for a 250-gram packet, the herbal ‘gulaal’ is not only safe but also affordable, ensuring accessibility to all. Residents can conveniently purchase the herbal ‘gulaal’ at a store in Collegepara, and in Jalpaiguri. In this regard, DFO SP Sharma anticipates an income of Rs 1 lakh from this year’s ‘gulaal’ sales, surpassing the previous year’s earnings of Rs 46,000.

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