Siliguri: Heavy rainfall flood Ashok Nagar, residents infuriated

Siliguri, 21st June: Heavy rain lashed Siliguti since last evening and wreaked havoc inundating major roads and residential areas. Ashok Nagar area in Siliguri’s Ward No. 31 had been waterlogged for the past many days, and the Monday evening’s rain worsened the situation. 
Drains overflowed, flooding the roads. The water entered the houses of people inundating bedrooms and kitchens. Due to this, they had to spend the night on an empty stomach. The Ashok Nagar area was almost submerged in water. Locals alleged that over the years, waterlogging issue of Ashok Nagar has never been addressed. The matter is apparently only talked about during the election period and immediately forgotten once the polls are over.
Meanwhile, Ward Councilor Maumita Mandal took stock of the area and interacted with the residents this morning. After inspection, she assured that the administration will extract the accumulated water as soon as possible.

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