Siliguri criminal obsessed with ‘Pushpa’ yells “Main Jhukega Nahin” while in custody

Siliguri, 22nd September: The popularity of “Pushpa: The Rise,” which smashed numerous records, is all over social media. However, the ‘Pushpa’ craze has negatively impacted several young individuals prompting criminal activities.

The sensational dialogue of the movie “Main Jhukega Nahin” has become well-known among offenders who now freely acknowledging committing heinous crimes in front of the authorities. One such incident has been reported where a criminal yells ‘Pushpa Jhukega Nahin’ with the pose while in custody.

According to sources, the Matigara police reportedly apprehended a miscreant on the charge of stealing lakhs and were to present him before the Siliguri Court. However, throughout the legal proceedings, the accused quoted Pushpa’s dialogue of “Main Jhukega Nahin…” and confessed to intending murder instead of theft on Thursday.

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