Siliguri Court sends murder suspect Md Abbas to judicial custody

Siliguri, 05th September: In the wake of four days in police remand, Md Abbas, the prime suspect in the Matigara student murder case, faced the Siliguri court for the third time. Tight security measures were in place as the accused was presented in court this morning. The court premises had been fortified to prevent any untoward incidents during his appearance.

It is to be noted, that on August 22, during Abbas’s initial court appearance, chaos erupted, and there was an attempt to attack the accused, prompting the deployment of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) and a subsequent police lathi charge to restore order. Given these prior events, the police took extensive precautions to maintain peace and security this time.

As per police sources, the court has ordered that the accused, Md Abbas, be placed in judicial custody for a period of 14 days. The judicial custody will allow for further legal proceedings and investigations in the Matigara student murder case.

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