Siliguri Bengal Safari welcomes first offspring of white Royal Bengal Tiger Kika

Siliguri, 17th July: The Bengal Safari is brimming with joy with the birth of the tigress Kika’s first offspring on July 12. Reports confirm that both the mother and the newborn are in good health and are currently under the close observation of a team of medical professionals. For a few days, the tigers will be kept away from tourists and other visitors.

In 2015, three cubs named Ika, Rika, and Kika were born to the female Royal Bengal Tiger, Sheela. Out of the three, two survived, and Kika, a white Royal Bengal Tigress, was raised by her mother Sheela. On August 9th, 2020, Sheela gave birth to five cubs for the second time, unfortunately, one of them did not survive. Sheela and her four remaining offspring are currently residing in the enclosure, getting accustomed to the park’s environment. With the arrival of the new cub, the tiger population in the park has now reached a total of nine.

Responding to the news, Kamal Sarkar, the Director of the Bengal Safari Park, announced that the cub was born four days ago on July 12th. However, the gender of the cub is still unknown, leaving the visitors eagerly anticipating the arrival of the first white Royal Bengal Tiger cub.


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