Shop staff brutally beaten and tied up in robbery in Fulbari

Rajganj, 06th October: In a horrifying incident, a gang of miscreants tied up a shop's employee and attacked him while they robbed the place, on Tuesday night. The incident which surfaced from Fulbari created a stir in the entire area.

Nagraj Bhadani, the owner of the shop, said that one of his employees named Nanuram Sharma was sleeping inside the shop last night. At around 3 am, three miscreants broke into the shop through the back door. When he tried to stop them, the miscreants overpowered him and tied him up. They then beat the aged worker mercilessly. The gang fled away with Rs 3500 from the shop.

After the matter came to light this morning, the nearby traders rushed to the spot and released the staff who was still tied up. The incident was reported to the NJP police station. Police have started an investigation into the whole incident.

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