Shop burnt to ashes in a catastrophic fire in Ambari Bazar

Rajganj, 04th January: A shop in Ambari was completely destroyed after a major fire broke out in Rajganj’s Ambari Bazar, on Sunday night. Valuables worth lakhs have been destroyed in the incident. It has been alleged that some miscreants set fire to the shop after carrying out a burglary.

Upon receiving the news, the shop owner Kuntal Majumder rushed to the spot. The Ambari outpost police and a fire engine from Siliguri reached the spot shortly after and extinguished the fire after several attempts.

Kuntal Majumder said that all the goods kept inside the shop and godown have been burnt to ashes. He assumed that some miscreants set fire to the shop after robbing the place. The local traders demanded an investigation into the incident and immediate arrest of the culprits.

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