Shankar Ghosh stage dharna alleging politics over COVID vaccination in Siliguri

Siliguri, 15th September: Siliguri MLA and BJP leader Shankar Ghosh staged a dharna on Wednesday afternoon alleging politics over COVID vaccination. Ghosh was accompanied by the party leaders in his protest near the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Siliguri.

It is to be noted that on Tuesday, a conflict broke out in Jagadish Chandra Vidyapeeth in Ward No. 24 over some outsiders interfering with the vaccination process. Meanwhile, vaccination was carried out at Tarun Tirtha club on Wednesday.

The MLA alleged that politics is being carried out with the vaccination process. After being harassed at the centre, he staged a dharna near the Gandhi statue. He said that vaccination is being carried out in Ward No. 24 as per the instructions of Trinamool leaders and that he was harassed today on the instructions of one such leader.

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