Shankar Ghosh receives COVID-19 vaccine

Siliguri, 26th February: Shankar Ghosh, a member of the BoA at SMC as well as the co-ordinator of Ward No. 24, received the COVID-19 vaccine to boost the morale of the general public.

It is to be noted that the vaccination process commenced all over the country. Initially, the vaccine was provided to the COVID warriors. However, due to the spread of false information, many are refraining from taking the vaccine. An atmosphere of fear is being witnessed among people concerning the effects of taking the vaccine. Hence, Shankar Ghosh stepped forward and got vaccinated today to eliminate fear from people’s minds.

In this regard, Shankar Ghosh said that the public representatives must take the vaccine to allay the fears of the common people. However, many are shying away from their responsibility. Hence, he took the initiative to increase the morale of the people.

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