SFI and DYFI rally in Siliguri to protest police brutality on agitating wrestlers in Delhi

Siliguri, 29th May: The Darjeeling District Student Federation of India (SFI) and Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) organized a rally to protest against police brutality and the arrest of agitating wrestlers in Delhi. The wrestlers had been protesting against sexual harassment in the capital, leading to a tense atmosphere at Jantar Mantar on Sunday, where the wrestlers’ program was scheduled. Numerous arrests were made by the police during the incident.

Today, the SFI and DYFI of Darjeeling District took to the streets, commencing their rally in front of the Anil Biswas Bhawan, the Left party office in Siliguri. The rally, which raised various allegations against the police, proceeded to circle the city’s main road via Hashmi Chowk, before concluding once again in front of the Anil Biswas Bhawan.

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