Search for the ‘runaways COVID patient continues in Darjeeling

Darjeeling, 02nd August: A COVID-19 positive man who was being taken to the Triveni COVID Hospital today in an ambulance, managed to flee midway.

According to the ambulance driver, the escapee asked him to stop the vehicle when they were driving through the 3rd Mile stretch as the patient wanted to urinate. As soon as the vehicle stopped, the man ran away from the scene.

Stunned by the episode, the ambulance driver began frantically looking for the runaway COVID patient. When all attempts failed, he immediately informed the Jorebungalow Police Station.

Upon the arrival of the police and exchanging few words regarding the patient, it was revealed that the man was out on a parole for a month after being sentenced sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife.

It is to be noted that the dense forest along the 3rd Mile is home to savage animals such as tigers, leopards and bears. The Darjeeling Police jointly with the Forest Department officials are still looking for the runaway COVID patient.

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