Sahu River threatens existence of Loknath temple in Rajganj; temple committee urges for dam construction

Rajganj, 08th June: The Loknath temple in Rajganj is under threat as the Sahu River continues to encroach upon its land. The Akarigach Banabasa Loknath Mandir Committee and local devotees fear that the temple may be submerged during this year’s monsoon season.

The Sahu River, which flows near the Akarigach Banabasa Adi Loknath Temple in Binnaguri Gram Panchayat, has been eroding temple land annually. Last year, significant portions of the temple grounds were lost during the monsoon, and even with minimal rainfall this year, further land has already been swallowed by the river.

On Saturday, temple committee members expressed their concern, noting the imminent monsoon and the increasing threat to the temple’s existence. As one of the oldest temples in the area, it attracts numerous devotees from various regions. The committee has called on the government to construct a dam along the Sahu River to safeguard the temple.

Samijuddin Ahmed, Pradhan of Binnaguri Gram Panchayat, acknowledged the issue, stating he learned regarding the situation recently. He mentioned that the Gram Panchayat alone cannot address the issue and assured that the matter will be reported to higher authorities for prompt resolution.

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