‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ drive in Kharibari

Kharibari, 02nd February: With an aim to prevent accidents, the Ghoshpukur Traffic Police conducted a campaign in Kharibari, Ghoshpukur, and Naxalbari, today. Focusing on the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ drive, the footrest/bumper behind small commercial vehicles were removed by the traffic police.
During the drive, Ghoshpukur traffic OC Sanjeev Dutt informed that a large number of commercial vehicles run in Kharibari, Naxalbari, Ghoshpukur areas. Few greedy drivers of such vehicles illegally install footrests/bumpers at the back of the vehicle to carry more rides. Passengers are often sighted traveling by standing on them. Such a practice can lead to a possible accident which can be very dangerous to the passengers of the vehicle as well as the pedestrians. Hence, the Ghoshpukur Traffic Police launched today’s campaign to prevent such accidents. During the camp, people were also made aware of the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ movement.

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