Round Table India to organize ‘Knights in Khaki’ on August 15

Siliguri, 14th August: There is a famous quote ‘with great power comes great responsibility which basically can be related to the power of the khaki uniform. The khaki uniform holds enormous responsibility for creating a better society along with the commitment to keeping the city safe. The khaki uniform is always stationed in the streets day and night so that the citizens can live safely and in peace.

Behind the khaki uniform, there is a human just like us. In honour of Khaki, a program will be organized for the police personnel of Siliguri Metropolitan on 15th August at the initiative of Round Table India.

India will complete its 75th Independence Day and on the initiative of the central government, the nation is witnessing various celebrations through Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. Likewise, Round Table India is going to organize an event named ‘Knights in Khaki’ to honour the Siliguri Metropolitan Police personnel.

The program will honour the police personnel of Siliguri Metropolitan for their selfless act and all the sacrifices they make to protect the city from evil. Along with this, a cultural program will also be organised on August 15th. This information has been given by DCP Joy Tudu. On this subject, the members of Round Table India said that the police personnel who always protect the citizens and will also do the same on the 75th Independence will be honoured through the ‘Knights in Khaki’ program.

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